Utah Surgeons for Safe Anesthesia is a coalition of Utah surgeons, physicians, and other healthcare professionals which opposes legislative efforts to license anesthesiology assistants (AA’s) in Utah.  

Our primary concern is for the safety of our patients.  Despite five previous successive legislative defeats, efforts are again being made during this legislative session Read More

  • I wish to express my strong opposition to any legislation which brings Anesthesia Assistants to Utah. I am a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and have been practicing for 13 years. I do not believe that the anxious patients I see would appreciate having a poorly trained “assistant” watching them while the person with the real experience and training is down the hall or up the stairs. If the public knew about anesthesia assistants I believe they would stand up and say they preferred someone more trained for themselves or their loved ones. I strongly oppose anesthesia assistants because I believe it is unnecessary, unsafe, and not in the best interest of the anxious and frightened patients that trust us to make their lives safer.

    Richard Lambert, MD


    South Jordan, UT

  • I have a keen interest in the patients I refer for surgical and therefore anesthesia care. I believe that dropping the bar so far for someone whose responsibility will be to protect the lives and comfort of my patients is unwise in the extreme.

    Dean Bristow, MD


    Utah County